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Using Your Budget to Get Out of Debt

Budgeting can help but if you’re still struggling to pay down your debt, talk to a credit counselor about enrolling in a debt management program.

4 Steps Toward a Stronger Financial Future

From focusing on a debt management plan to developing a realistic budget, here are some helpful tips to build a stronger financial future.

Budgeting During a Crisis

Most financial advisors will recommend that you have an emergency fund of at least 3 months of expenses in case of financial crisis.

Taking a Staycation

If you’re concerned about the pandemic or just overall uncertain about a vacation budget this year, a great alternative to consider is a stay-at-home vacation, otherwise known as a “staycation.”

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Moving On (Reduce the Stress and Cost)!

The stress and cost of moving

MyMoneyCheckup®: Planning for Financial Wellbeing

Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to understand your current financial situation? Or not really know where to begin to assess your overall financial well-being?

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