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Be Careful Shopping Around the Holidays

Don't let your finances get out of hand around the holidays - start your shopping early on, budget for the holidays each month, and use cash whenever you can!

Do you Have Enough Insurance Coverage?

Have you ever thought about how much you are spending on insurance? 

Is Debt Settlement a Good Option?

If you're in trouble with debt and want to get out, instead of opting for debt settlement, you might benefit from enrolling in a debt management program.

How Does Credit Counseling Work?

How does credit counseling work? At CCCS of Chattanooga, we will go over all your finances and help you understand your options and the next step to get back on track.

What Makes a Credit Score & How It Can Be Improved

The way a credit score is calculated may seem to be a mystery. In reality, it’s pretty straightforward. However, the burden of a low credit score can be complex, and it can significantly lower y

4 Steps Toward a Stronger Financial Future

From focusing on a debt management plan to developing a realistic budget, here are some helpful tips to build a stronger financial future.

How to Be Prepared When Your Forbearance Ends

If you have forbearance on your mortgage, student loan, or credit card, you’re going to have to pay it off when the forbearance ends - a debt management plan will help.

A Year In Pandemic: How to Get Your Finances Back On Track

If even after these additional short-term revenue streams haven’t helped you alleviate your debt burden to a manageable degree, you might want to look into seeking help through a debt management pla

Are Debt Management Plans Effective?

Are Debt Management Plans Effective? Debt management plans work by allowing borrowers to consolidate unsecured debt and pay them back in a shorter amount of time.

How to Get Out of Holiday Debt

It's time to get back on financial track -- tackle your holiday debts with a debt management program.

COVID Student Loan Assistance Extended

With the continued presence of the coronavirus pandemic, certain types of assistance have been extended further to help citizens better manage financially during these difficult times. One of the rece

Tips for Recovering from Holiday Debt

After the holidays, it's important to take a look at all your debt and start working on paying it off!

Get Out of Debt and Protect Your Finances Before Retirement

By consolidating your debts into one monthly payment, oftentimes at a lower interest rate, you’ll be on a much better track to financial stability leading up to and during retirement.

Back to School During a Pandemic

With so many questions yet to be answered with the upcoming school year, makes for difficult planning during an already difficult time.

Dealing with Financial Stress During a Pandemic

Although many businesses are starting to open and people have started getting out and about, many are still struggling with financial stress and anxiety due to COVID-19.

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