Finding a Checking Account That's Right for You

Managing a checking account isn't one of the easiest things in the world, but it is also not the hardest! Don't feel bad if you're having a hard time keeping your records straight. With a little effort and practice, your skill will improve.

The basics of checking are simple. When you deposit a check or cash, the amount is credited (added) to your account. Then you can write checks against your balance, or transfer some or all of your money to a different account such as a savings account. Some checks you deposit are credited to your account the next business day. Other checks, such as out-of-state checks or large checks, might take up to five business days to be credited to your account.

Banks offer a variety of checking accounts to appeal to different customers. Answer the following questions before you choose a bank and a type of checking account.

  • How many checks do you expect to write a month?
  • How much money do you expect to keep in your checking account in an average month?
  • How many times will you use the ATM?
  • Is online banking and electronic bill paying important to you?
  • What is the minimum balance required to avoid a monthly fee?


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