How a Debt Management Program Can Help You

Benefits of Debt Consolidation and Debt Management Programs

In development of your personalized debt management plan, CCCS of Chattanooga, a non-profit credit counseling agency, provides you with practical budget counseling and works with you and your creditors to build a manageable budget. Then, we manage the repayment of your debt. You make one monthly payment to us and we distribute the money to your creditors.

We contact each of your creditors and negotiate special terms such as:

  • Lower interest rates on your loans or credit card balances
  • Lower payments
  • Re-aging of delinquent balances
  • Removal of late fees and over limit fees
  • Stopping debt collector calls to your home

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More about the CCCS Debt Management Programs:

How much will one of our debt management plans cost you?

The fee for our debt management services is $40 per month - one of the lowest in the industry. There is also a one-time setup fee of $25. CCCS of Chattanooga keeps fees low because creditors pay most of the cost of our services.

Why do creditors want to work with us?

  • Our programs have a better success rate than collection agencies.
  • Your creditors know that we provide you with credit counseling, budget counseling, and financial education services that will help you successfully repay your debt.

Benefits of Debt Consolidation and Debt Management Programs

Repaying debt is never an easy thing to do. CCCS of Chattanooga has worked with hundreds of thousands of people over the last 38 years who have tried to repay their unsecured debts on their own and just couldn't do it. If you are committed to becoming debt free, contact us to schedule an appointment for a credit counseling session. One of our debt management programs might be right for you.

  • Our fees are among the lowest in the industry. Our service fee is only $40 per month. There is a one-time setup fee of $25.
  • Our debt consolidation and debt management programs make it easy. Instead of making payments to a variety of creditors every month and worrying about cash flow problems, our cerified credit counselors work with you to set up one automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account on the same date each month. Payments to your creditors are pre-scheduled, and distributed to them after we receive your payment.
  • Our skilled negotiators work with each of your creditors to secure special terms. When you enroll in one of our debt management programs you don't have to worry about doing the negotiating. CCCS of Chattanooga works to get your creditors to agree to lower interest rates and other concessions such as waived late fees and re-aging of your delinquent balances. Creditors will stop calling your home and contact us instead.
  • Lower interest rates reduce the time to pay off considerably. More of each monthly payment goes to paying down your debt, rather than paying interest on the balance of your debt. 
  • Our credit counseling services can make all the difference. CCCS of Chattanooga is committed to your success. Our Client Support Department is open M-TH from 9am - 8pm and Friday from 9am-5pm EST. We provide a wide variety of credit counseling services

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