Beware of Debt Settlement

To put it very simply, debt settlement companies get your creditors to agree to forgive some of your debt. However, their services can be expensive and there may be significant unforeseen consequences. Until recently, debt settlement companies were not regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. Some of their practices may be fraudulent and illegal.

Look out for substantial fees, possible lawsuits & damage to your credit score

Debt settlement companies typically charge a large up-front fee and monthly fees for their services. If you can't pay the up-front fee in full, they will set-up an installment plan. They might tell you to stop making debt payments and stop communicating with your creditors. However, negotiations with your creditors may not begin until the up-front fee is paid in full. In the meantime, your creditors may sue you to collect the debt. If they win, they have the right to garnish your wages or put a lien on your home. These actions negatively impact your credit score.

Be aware - forgiven debts are taxable income

The difference between the amount you originally borrowed and the settlement amount is added to your income for taxation by the Internal Revenue Service. You should consider this tax liability when you are weighing the costs and benefits of a debt settlement contract.

Do it yourself

Debt forgiveness is not a new concept. There's no need to hire a company to handle the transaction. With a little negotiation skill, you can settle your debts by yourself. Simply contact your creditor and make a proposal.

Some debt settlement companies provide legitimate services

The Federal Trade Commission published a Debt Settlement Industry Standards Fact Sheet that includes a list of what to look for in a reputable service provider.

Debt Settlement   VS.   CCCS of Chattanooga
No Government regulation - some are being shut down Adheres to NFCC member quality standards,Council on Accreditation Certified , EOUST and HUD 
Debtor pays < 100% of their debt Debtor Pays 100% of amount owed
Large fee paid up front Small fee paid monthly
Recommend clients withhold payments from creditors Monthly payments to creditors start immediately
Client's credit score adversley affected No direct effect on credit score - timely payments improve score over time
Income tax obligation for amount forgiven in settlement No income tax obligation
Little client support Strong client support
No Guarantees of success 46 years of successful debt management counseling
They are For Profit companies Not for profit agency using earnings to support programs and financial education

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CCCS of Chattanooga is here to help you understand the costs and benefits of a debt settlement contract. A consumer credit counseling session can provide you with information about all of your options for paying off debt.  We offer debt consolidation and debt management programs that will improve your credit score, and our fees are some of the lowest in the industry.

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