Your Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities in Debt Consolidation

When you enroll in one of our debt consolidation and debt management programs, we ask that you make a commitment to the program and to your creditors. While you're on the debt management program, we ask you agree to the following conditions.

  • You will not use your open credit lines to make purchases, except for emergencies.
  • You will not seek additional credit while you're on the program, except for special purchases such as cars and homes.
  • You will call us immediately when you are not able to make your payment so that we can help you work through the process of catching up and staying on the program.
  • You will change your payment due dates to correspond with your program payment. We don't want your payments to be recorded as late on your creditor's records because we want to avoid late fees.
  • You will check your statements from your creditors every month to ensure that they are charging the interest rate that they promised, and there aren't any fees being assessed unnecessarily. We don't get copies of your statements, so responsibility for any problems with your account remains with you.

We understand that agreeing to these conditions may prove difficult. That's why we're here to help. Hundreds of thousands of people like you have succesfully completed our debt management program over the last 46 years. We know that you can too.

CCCS of Chattanooga is committed to outstanding customer service. Our Client Support Department is open daily M-TH from 9am-8pm and Friday from 9am-5pm (EST).

We provide consumer credit counseling including bankruptcy counseling, information about other debt repayment options, and financial education services.

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