Employee Spotlight - Meet Ruby!
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Employee Spotlight - Meet Ruby!

Ruby joined the Chattanooga, Tennessee office in February 2023 and is one of the agency's Client Support Representatives. We asked Ruby a few questions so that you could get to know her a little bit!  


1. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Why?

Back when I had a roomie, we picked up this street kitten called Coco. Let me tell you, she was a real firecracker, zooming around like she owned the place, especially at night. And yeah, she had this habit of giving me the heeby-jeebies with her late-night staring contests. But hey, easy to look after, and not big on cuddles, so that was a plus.

Now, Coco's living it up with my old roomie, and I've traded the cat life for being a proud dog mom to Vino! He's the goofiest, most loving pooch you'll ever meet, and he's definitely not into creepy staring matches. Dogs all the way for me – no litter box headaches, just pure doggy joy!

2. What’s one piece of advice you’ll never forget?

Anger is a construct of the ego. How dare they treat me this way. It is an obsession with the past and an obsession that something is out of your control or against you. Hate only hurts yourself and puts the responsibility on others in the belief that you can do no wrong. Love instead.  From one of my favorite books Ego is the Enemy

3. What’s trendy right now that you think is ridiculous?

Stanley cups. . .Yet, I own 4. So ridiculous!

4. What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Valentines Day. I love, LOVE!

5. What’s’ on your bucket list?

      • Sadhana meditation
      • Sky diving
      • Bungee jumping
      • Release a sea turtle baby
      • Cuddle with an elephant
      • Keep learning German until I’m fluent
      • Become by own boss

6. What outfit did you wear growing up that you’d be mortified to be seen in today?

In elementary school I would love to wear my green neon fishnet gloves.