Taking a Staycation
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Taking a Staycation

If you’re concerned about the pandemic or just overall uncertain about a vacation budget this year, a great alternative to consider is a stay-at-home vacation, otherwise known as a “staycation.” When you hear the term “staycation,” you may be tempted to imagine lying around your house for a week bored, but this isn’t necessarily the case. With a bit of planning, a staycation can be just as fun and relaxing as going out of town, while also allowing for some breathing room in your budget. Here are a few staycation ideas that could allow for a relaxing and cheaper experience than going out of town:

  1. Get outside. Do a search for hiking trails, parks, waterfalls, or any other natural getaways that happen to be close by. You can pack up a picnic and find a scenic spot to relax and have a good meal with your family or friends. You can even go fishing, ride a bike, or simply take your dog for a scenic walk.
  2. Go camping. Wherever you live, there may be camping spots available at a park nearby. Or you can even set up camp in your own backyard!
  3. Have a self-care/spa day. For a reasonable amount of money, you can purchase facemasks, candles, or even bath bombs. Whether you want a day to yourself or want to spend time with friends, this could help you unwind tremendously and fully get into the feel of vacation. Light a candle, take a bath, turn on some relaxing tunes, and pour a glass of your favorite beverage.
  4. Plan different kinds of meals. For many of us, vacation means trying new foods or enjoying local fare. Research a specific city or country’s cuisine that you’ve been curious about and pick some dishes that you would like to cook.
  5. Be a tourist in your own town. Whether it’s your hometown or a surrounding city that you’ve been to various times, find places that you’ve never been to before or that you really want to revisit. Visit your local art museum or a coffee shop you’ve been wanting to try. There can be so many hidden treasures that you didn’t even realize existed!
  6. Get creative. Is there a project you’ve been wanting to work on but just didn’t have the time because of work and life? Now that you’re taking a staycation, make the time to paint, build, refinish, bake, or any other creative outlets you’ve wanted to try.
  7. Have a movie night or game night. Have a movie marathon with your friends or family. If you enjoy gaming, pull out the old board games that you haven’t played in years and have a full-on tournament with each other.
  8. Set boundaries for work and chores. On a normal vacation, most of us don’t check our work emails or think about doing chores. Set this boundary for yourself with a staycation too. Once the vacation is over, you can get back to the daily grind, but allow yourself the time and space to relax while you’re in vacation mode.

As with any vacation, make a solid plan for your staycation. For any activities you’re wanting to do, check prices and search for any discounts. If you find yourself going outside of what you’ve budgeted for, make any necessary tweaks to bring yourself back within your comfort zone. At the end of the week, you may even find yourself feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated than after the hustle and bustle of going out of town.